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Critical trim with Joe Davies

Sarah and Daisy, Biarritz

Bryana @ Wilhelmina
shot by Lucas Passmore

Geothermal mud spas.. 🙌 @purenewzealand @flightcentreau  #nzmustdo

It was about 10 degrees celcius, and we were playing in the mud in our swimmers.. Liberation at it’s finest! @flightcentreau @purenewzealand #nzmustdo  (at geothermal mud spa)

"You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life" - Albert Camus

There are people. And there are people who can ignite your soul, set your heart into a burning blaze, pour positivity into your needy limbs, spin your mind like a whirling hurricane, and fill you with so much joy that it overflows in the form of child-like laughter.. 
THESE are the kinds of people you should surround yourself with.
The ones that make your cheeks hurt from constantly smiling. The ones that make you buzz just a tad faster than usual. The ones who make you want to learn. The ones who make you want to explore! The ones that motivate you to be a better person. The ones that hold their own passions, and hearing then talk about those passions will make you remember what love is. These people are the most important.
You should remind these people how lucky you are to have them in your life.. Because when two seperate souls touch like that, it creates the type of magic that cannot be replaced, re-created or even destroyed. It creates love.
It doesn’t have to be romantic love.. It can be purely platonic - a neighbour, a childhood best friend, a boy you have a chat with every time you buy a cinnamon scroll from the bakery on the corner, a swimming coach, a math tutor, a family member or even a rival. These can be the most unassuming and unexpected people.. But if your soul can kiss anothers, that isn’t something that should be ignored.. I’m sure you thought of a few people whilst reading this.. Some names of people who make you feel alive, energised and invigorated? Do me, yourself and them a favour, and just tell them! People deserve to know when they are loved. And I don’t think “I love you” is a term any of us use enough (with sincerity). And I don’t know about you.. But I plan on using it a lot more! 
“I love you”

Photo: Tim McKenna